Bojhena Shey Bojhena Movie MP3 Songs Free Download 2012

Bojhena Shey Bojhena Movie MP3 Songs

Bojhena Shey Bojhena Movie MP3 Songs is very honorable movie in Kolkata. This movie has two hero and two heroine. It is one of the best painful movie in Kolkata city. The film starts with an accident with two bus each others and as a result one hero and one heroine died at last.


Bojhena Shey Bojhena Movie MP3 Songs

Though Bojhena Shey Bojhena movie MP3 Songs is painful but is has seven very interesting and popular song. All songs are very attracktive for Kolkata people. 1st song is Bojhena Shey Bojhena title song and this song is  very interesting. This song singer and music by Arijit Singh,Rananjay and Indradeep Dasgupta. 2nd song title is “Bhogoban” singer and music by Somlata Acharya Chowdhury,Timir Biswas and Arindam Chatterjee. 3rd song title is “Kothin” singer and music by Ash King,Sayani Ghosh and Arindam Chatterjee. 4th song title is “Saajna” singer and music by Prashmita Paul and Arindam Chatterjee. 5th song title is “Na Re Na” singer and music by Arijit Singh and Arindam Chatterjee. Moreover all songs are very good . More Details This movie .



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01. “Bojhena Shey Bojhena”        Singer by: Arijit Singh

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02. “Kothin”                               Singer by: Ash King And Sayani Ghosh

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03. “Bhogoban”                         Singer by: Timir Biswas And Somlata Acharyya Chowdhury

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04. “Saajna”                             Singer by: Prashmita Paul and Arindam Chatterjee

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05. “Bojhena Se Bojhena Female Version”  Singer by: Sukanya_Ghosh

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06. “Na Re Na ”                         Singer by: Arijit Singh

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Bojhena Shey Bojhena movie details

Directed by: Raj Chakraborty

Produced by: Srikant Mohta,Mahendra Soni

Written by: M. Saravanan

Starring: Soham Chakraborty,Mimi Chakraborty,Abir Chatterjee and Payel Sarkar

Music by: Indradeep Dasgupta, Arindam Chatterjee

Release date: 28 December 2012

Country: India

Language: Bengali

Cinematography: Subhankar Bhor

Edited by: Bodhaditya Banerjee Saikat Sengupta

Production company: Shree Venkatesh Films


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